The Future is Beautiful




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The Future is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali, a podcast now in its second season and making waves in the iTunes charts globally, explores the weave between creativity, politics, sustainability and spirituality.

The show features interviews with a diverse and fascinating spectrum of individuals who are each creating a beautiful future by what they do and how they are living right now. The topics meander from blockchain to breathwork, from veganism to virtual reality, from rewilding to creative activism.

I was asked to join the team as the principal writer for the project – writing an accompanying blog for each episode, social media releases, a weekly newsletter announcing the shows and the iTune shownotes for the podcast.

Find out more about the podcast and different ways to listen here.

“Lucy is wonderful to work with, we have been collaborating on The Future Is Beautiful podcast, where she writes the blog posts and show notes that go with each episode. She has great skill in pulling out the points of interest, and crafting sentences that bring the interviews to life. She takes on each project with care, dedication and love, working within the deadlines and bringing her broad range of knowledge and her curiosity to the the writing.”~ Amisha Ghadiali, Founder, The Future is Beautiful



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