Full microsite copy for a cutting edge youth project in Chicago

Grove 3547 is a social lab convened around the challenge of creating more resilient livelihoods for young people in underserved areas of Chicago. The team at Roller Strategies approached me to create a full set of copy for a four page microsite, designed to invite and encourage participants to sign up and get involved in making change in their community.

The deadline for this project was tight with a two day turn around from start to finish, but the client was very happy with the end result and the programme is now launched with a full contingent of participants and looks to be off to a flying start! I loved the challenge of researching and getting into the headspace of the community and understanding the context and audience I was writing for.

Check out the project and finished microsite here.

“Lucy writes copy fast, effectively and with verve. If that’s what you need, work with her.” – Zaid Hassan, CEO & Co-Founder, Roller Strategies






Bringing out the shine for a 3D Architectural Visualisations Studio

Archilime are rising stars in the world of 3D Architectural Visualisations and I worked with them to bring out the sparkle on their portfolio projects. With an absolute passion for the way in which natural light interacts with spaces and materials, these skilled CGI artists create bespoke visualisations which bring design projects to life. It was a pleasure to get under the skin of their creative projects and really highlight the unique and beautiful aspects of what they do.


Sea Vale, Torquay

Newman Street, London 

Travel and lifestyle blogging for digital nomads community

As something of an on-off digital nomad myself, I’ve enjoyed curating content and writing blog pieces and interviews for Digital Nomad. This online community portal curates and creates relevant content from personal stories to packing lists for those who may be considering taking to the open road and sustaining their journey by working online.


Portrait: a Digital Nomad living outside the tribe

Introducing curated content

Agency writing for diverse blogs and small businesses

Writing freelance through an agency brings an absolute plethora of seriously diverse jobs to my door. I’ve been writing blogs and web copy for all sorts of small businesses and enjoyed practising trying in new tones of voice and learning about different types of content.


Give the ultimate in green gifts – a beautiful living tree!

Choosing the perfect shutters to fit your architectural style

Four things to consider when choosing Windows for a van conversion

Get ready to go glamping!

Surfing the spectrum with my personal blog


I love experimenting with new styles and subject matters in my writing, and my personal blog is a reflection of this. Here you will find poems, personal stories, interviews, satire and reflective thought pieces. Welcome to my world!


Long form blog piece – Playing Trust Games with Life

Comedy clickbait satire – Why you should just say no to puppies